#IAmAProviderBecause: Dr. Kimberly Won

"A big part of clinical pharmacy practice is working with other healthcare professionals. Several studies have shown the impact that a clinical pharmacist can have on a healthcare team. This is especially true in the fast-paced and challenging environments of the emergency department and intensive care units. Every patient is unique and has special disease and medication considerations and it is important to tailor their medication therapy appropriately. I love working with the other health care providers to provide the best patient care possible. During medical emergencies, it’s all hands on deck and everyone on the healthcare team does whatever they can do to help. As a pharmacist in the emergency department and ICUs, I help with whatever I can—anywhere from making medication recommendations, drawing up medications at bedside, calculating doses, etc. to priming the IV tubing, setting up the medication pumps, running to get a warm blanket, or getting in line to help with chest compressions. 

#IAmAProviderBecause of the patients. Everything that I do in my profession is for the patients, whether it is through direct patient care at the hospital or indirect patient care via conducting clinical research, teaching and precepting students, providing in-services and serving on committees; everything is for the patients and to promote excellent patient care."

Dr. Kimberly Won earned her B.S. at UCLA, and her Pharm.D from University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy. She completed her PGY1 at UCSD in acute care, and her PGY2 at University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy in critical care and emergency medicine. She is currently a clinical ED pharmacist at Mission Hospital and an assistant professor at Chapman University School of Pharmacy.