CUSP Goes To... Region 8 MRM 2016

Chapman attended our first Region 8 Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM) last weekend at the Sheraton Park Hotel right here in Anaheim, CA!

CUSP had nearly 30 of our officers and members attend throughout the weekend and met our peers from other programs in Region 8! We had a strong showing for our first MRM, with a mix of executive officers, and general members, including many of our new P1 members! We attended the Nintendo-themed opening reception and participated in the Super Smash Bros competition where we placed 2nd, losing only to Western. 

At MRM, we had the opportunity to recognize a member of CUSP's APhA-ASP/CPhA chapter for their outstanding work, commitment, and dedication to our chapter. At this MRM, we recognized Sarah Audi, our chapter's VP of Policy, for her exceptional work in our org. 

Alex Delgado, a Chapman P1 member, admirably applied and ran for a Regional Coordinator position, but had lost to another more senior, Region 8 member. We admire your enthusiasm and pursuit of leadership positions, we hope you continue to pursue these roles in the future! 

Many of our members helped create and modify our MRM policy proposal of Safe Disposal of Oral Anticancer Chemotherapy Medications. With your input and support, we were able to easily pass our policy through the MRM House of Delegates, where it will go up to the national chapter for consideration. Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and efforts towards this policy proposal.