Foreign Language Series

Being the first pharmacy school in Orange County, we have a duty to serve all patients that come from a variety of rich backgrounds here in the OC. We decided to start this foreign language series to provide students with additional skills to communicate with the diverse community of Orange County and the diversity in southern California in general.

We have a 5 part mini series (Spanish, Farsi, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Korean) that teaches introductory pharmacy phrases in each of those languages. All of the language workshops are taught by our classmates and fellow members of APhA-ASP. 

We are addressing and embracing the diverse cultures of our community and are seeking to provide our patients with the most comfortable environment. Simple phrases like "hello" or "how are you" in one's native language goes a long way.

Here are our own students that took the time out to teach their fellow classmates and APhA/CPhA-ASP members basic pharmacy phrases from their own language. Our schedule was as follows:

Week 1: Spanish by Valeria Jimenez

Week 2: Farsi by Shima Naderi

Week 3: Vietnamese by Diana Bui

Week 4: Arabic with Ali Saab

Week 5: Korean with Esther Shin

For some videos taken during the series, please check out our facebook page!