CUSP goes to APhA Annual Meeting 2017!

Our chapter attended APhA Annual Meeting 2017 in San Francisco this past weekend (March 24-26th) and we all had so much fun! About 30 of our members attended throughout the weekend and participated in the many informative sessions, expos, and receptions at the time. Also during the House of Delegates, we also got to hear speeches and vote for several candidates for National Standing Committee for APhA-ASP. Congratulations to all the members this past weekend that have made on!

Shout out to Priya Patel and Tiffany Nguyen, our finalist and runner-up in our local patient counseling competition who’ve represented us in the National Patient Counseling Competition at Annual! Despite not placing in the top 10, both competed very well and did their best. We couldn't be any more proud to have them represent our chapter! 

During this event, our Assistant Dean of Experiential Education and Continuing Professional Development Pharmacy Practice, Dr. Nancy Alvarez, was installed as the new American Pharmacist Association President! Congratulations to her and all that she's done to get this far and wish her the best during her term! Check out Dr. Alvarez's speech here!

Lastly, after the CPhA Reception, we joined together at the Go Game Headquarters to participate in a fun, exciting event hosted by Dean Jordan. Many of the games ranged from trivia to improv and crafting, and one winning group came out victor of the entire night!

Hear from some of our attendees this year on their experiences:

"Attending APhA is actually life changing. It's not knowing what to expect and then experiencing it changed how I view what a true conference is like. I laughed, I cried, and had lots of other emotions, but overall I feel like a flame ignited in me to do my best for not only myself, but for advocacy and policy. What you put in is truly what you get out of it." 

Cathy Nguyen, P1, Vice President of Chapter Policy.
"I've learned a lot from this conference about the organization as a whole and had an awesome time talking with others during the exposition. Meeting other students and pharmacists from all over the nation really made me feel as though I've picked the right profession and knowing that we all share a common goal in the end made me feel very united with everyone.
Mary Ngo, P1, Vice President of Communications.

Despite the drizzle we experienced during that weekend, that never stopped us from the conference and everyone had a wonderful time! We hope to see more people coming out next year at APhA Annual 2018 in Nashville, TN!